Located in Toowoomba, hugging the Great Dividing Range, is where Positively Organic Skincare was created. I would like to share my journey with you...

I was born and bred in tropical North Queensland,which meant I was always outdoors and doing alot of sport. My blonde hair and fair skin made me a target for the sun and back then we weren't educated about the dangers from not being sun smart and looking after our skin.  It wasn't until later in life that I would discover the damage incurred to my skin from the sun and chemicals in the products that I was using.
I was a qualified senior hair stylist with my own business (which entailed being in contact with so many toxic chemicals on a daily basis),married with 2 children, when in 2008 we sold everything...bought a 4WD along with a 24foot caravan and travelled around Australia for the next 3 years. It was while travelling that I noticed my already highly sensitive skin became worse with the effect of different climates and water,my skin was always either very dry,oily and red.  I tried so many different products from high end moisturisers that cost an arm and a leg to the cheap ones in the supermarket,but obviously they just made my skin flare up even more.
It was while we were in the Northern Territory and our guide was an aboriginal man who spoke about the medicinal benefits that plants had for the aboriginal people hundred of years ago...some they still use today,that the penny dropped. I became interested and started researching the healing benefits botanicals had on the skin. I would see how plants could survive bush fires and heal themselves to rejuvenate back into bushland and forests,to be standing in an area and see it with my own eyes was inspiring.
I started using organic/natural skincare products on my skin,some worked for a while... but they were so greasy that they felt suffocating on my skin while others were mainly water and thickening gums with a small amount of the good stuff. I spent a fortune over 3 years trying different products from health stores and markets,all without ongoing success.
After 3 years on the road,we decided to settle somewhere so our children could attend a 'real' school. We came to Toowoomba as there was plenty of work for my husband here. We bought a house,sold the caravan and started to build a life for ourselves in the 'Garden City'.  It was here that I decided to follow my passion and make my own skincare products to try and heal my suffering skin (I have had skin cancers removed from those years spent in the sun growing up). I also wanted to know that what I was putting on my skin didn't contain any toxic chemicals or fillers. I knew that I needed to make a product that had concentrated amounts of organic ingredients so that I would see an improvement to my skin.
I studied organic formulations but I wasn't happy that they used alot of water and thickening gums to stabilise it,which diluted the overall product. It took me 12 months of working through many a night until morning, formulating and making products and testing them on my skin, and sending test products  to family and friends to try for a while before receiving their feedback. I was told by people in the industry that the process I use to make the products would not work as I needed to use thickening gums and less plant oils (the good stuff)to stabilise the end product. I refused to do that because the product would just sit on top of the skin,leaving that greasy suffocating feeling and not absorb beautifully into the skin. I persisted with my unique process and I was noticing a huge difference in my own skin from using the few products that I had made,as did my family and friends. I noticed the redness disappear,the scars left from suncancer removal were no longer noticeable and red,the texture of my skin became softer and the oil levels in my skin balanced out,so I didn't have the dry,scaly or oily areas any more....also long gone is the heavy foundation that I would have to wear to try and hide my terrible skin,now I hardly wear any makeup. I am not afraid to tell people my age ,which is 43 and that I have 2 teenage children aged 19 and 16 ...I have never had better skin in my entire life.
I am proud that I stuck to my belief that I can make skincare products that will make a positive difference to peoples' skin without sacrificing on quality, just as nature intended.
Being an Australian family owned small business we are powered by passion to educate people about the importance of using organic skincare and help protect your families from the harsh chemicals which are unknowingly absorbed into your bodies on a daily basis.
We are honest with our customers because we know you are the backbone to our business. Customer service is top priority,we respect and value customer feedback and love hearing from you.
At Positively Organic Skincare we believe “It's really what we DON'T use that counts”
We are confident you will love your skin and see a noticeable difference after using our products.
Our products are in no way tested on animals which is why they have been accredited by Choose Cruelty Free Limited as cruelty free organic skincare products. 
We use 100% recyclable packaging and our business cards are printed on recyclable cardboard, reducing our carbon footprint.
Please read our Product Information page before using our skincare.
All our raw ingredients have organic certification and are of the highest quality, we only use ethical suppliers. A full ingredient list is supplied on the Ingredients Page, outlining the benefits of each ingredient used.